Seismic Petrophysics in Houston, TX

DrilSeis® is a proven seismic interpretation tool that utilizes two independent approaches, V-Based® and Q-Based®, to determine shale pore pressures and fracture gradients. These two methods used in combination with SAIL® make DrilSeis® is the most advanced seismic tool and service on the market, providing true data integration for the petroleum industry. This proprietary technology provides a comprehensive approach to project well planning and operations to efficiently identify lithology, porosity, and fluids, and to improve pre-drill estimates of pore pressure and fracture gradient volumes. eSeis takes you back to the rocks to enable multi-discipline asset teams to immediately obtain benefit from seismic petrophysics.

V-Based is the traditional velocity approach to pore pressure prediction using seismic data. It is based on an analysis of stacking velocities and uses state of the art refinements and error-rejection routines. Shale pore pressure is calculated by using established and calibrated relationships between velocity, porosity, and pore pressure.

Q-Based is a patented (US Patent No. 6,681,185) technique developed by eSeis to compute effective stress from frequency attenuation. The Q-Based analysis was designed to complement traditional velocity processing with an additional independent solution to calculate pore pressure.

DrilSeis® Deliverables:

  • Includes SAIL and QX deliverables
  • Segy Volumes:
    • Velocity-based pore pressure
    • Velocity-based fracture gradient
    • Q-Based pore pressure
    • Q-Based fracture gradient
Seismic Petrophysics in Houston, TX

DrilSeis® Benefits:

  • Pore pressure predictions from Velocities and Frequency Attenuation
  • Anticipate and prevent loss of returns and blowouts
  • Optimize drilling and casing program
  • Highlight potential shallow water flows
  • Increase drilling safety
  • Anticipate transition zones and potential kick zones
  • Identify:
    • Plumes
    • Pressure regressions
    • Centroid effects
    • Abnormal pressure containment zones
  • Plus all of the SAIL® and QX® benefits



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