Inversion Services in Houston, TX

SAIL (Spectral AVO Inversion for Lithology) is an advanced seismic interpretation technique that converts seismic data into lithology and fluids by utilizing spectral decomposition, AVO, inversion and   proprietary petrophysical algorithms. These techniques utilize compressional and estimated shear properties to determine lithology, porosity, and the presence of compressible hydrocarbons.

SAIL® Deliverables:

  • Segy Volumes:
    • Lithology/Fluids
    • AVO Types
    • Reservoir Quality
    • Absorption
    • eSeis stack
  • Rock Properties of Calibration Wells:
    • Log analysis
    • Corrected logs
    • Synthetic Seismograms

SAIL® Benefits:

  • Attributes are geologically meaningful by distinguishing:
    • Porous sands
    • Tight sands
    • Laminated sands
    • Gas presence
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Relates to depositional facies
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Reduce exploration risks
  • Identify pay that is low amplitude
  • Identify by-passed pay
  • Easily scan large volumes of data for potential reservoirs

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