SAIL is for geo-scientists and engineers who want to cut risk and reduce costs. SAIL is an exploration and drilling tool that breaks all barriers of other seismic imaging protocol. Unlike AVO or Inversion, which are indirect indicators of fluids, rock types, and lithology, Sail is used for direct identification of lithology, fluids (gas, oil, water), and porosity from seismic data.

Some commonly asked questions:

  1. Sometimes AVO results are difficult to interpret, since SAIL is a more complicated process, will the results be even harder to interpret?
    The results of Sail are clear images of lithology and fluids – sands in yellow, shales in green, and gas sands in red.
  2. Can Sail be used in areas with little or no well control?
    The fact that Sail does not need well control makes it great for wildcat fields. Sail was developed in conjunction with major oil companies and has been used to discover huge fields in several countries were there was little or no well data available. Sail has also been used to identify bypass pay zones that were not identifiable from well logs.
  3. Does Sail only identify certain types of anomalies?
    Sail identifies all types of AVO anomalies – dim outs, phase changes, etc, and has repeatedly worked in places where AVO has shown no bright spot. Also, Sail results will show the underlying lithology, and will show gas in a clearly imaged manner that is much easier to interpret.
  4. Can Sail be used to image deep plays, or is it limited to shallow events?
    AVO has had a rule of thumb in the past – that you do not get good AVO effects deeper than cable length. Sail is definitely not just for shallow events. Deeper plays can be imaged with as much accuracy as shallower events. Because the process we do really cleans up the noise in your data without loosing any of the AVO effects, we can image deeper than most companies.
  5. What factors are measured by or computed in Sail?
    Other than lithology, Sail also measures absorption, porosity, reservoir quality, gas, and many other factors. AVO and Inversion are also calculated in this process.



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