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The Marrying of Petrophysics with Geophysics Results in a Powerful Tool for Independents
Roger A. Young, eSeis, Inc.
2009 Symposium

Using Modern Geophysical Technology to Explore for Bypassed Opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico
R A. Young, eSeis, Inc., W.G. Holt, G. Klefstad/Fairways Offshore Exploration
2009 OTC

AVO analysis demystified
Roger A. Young and Robert D. LoPiccolo, eSeis, Inc.
Hart’s E&P Magazine

Risk-Reduction Recipe Using Frequency-Based Pore Pressure Predictions from Seismic
Roger A. Young, eSeis, Inc.
2006 GCAGS

Five Things Your Pore Pressure Analyst Won’t Tell You
Roger A. Young, eSeis, Inc.
AADE 2005 National Technical Conference and Exhibition

Conforming and Non-conforming Sands
Roger A. Young and Robert D. LoPiccolo, eSeis, Inc.
2004 GCAGS

Future of Geophysics Guided by Quest to Accurately Describe Reservoir Rock Properties
Roger A. Young and Robert D. LoPiccolo, eSeis, Inc.
The American Oil & Gas Reporter, January 2004

A comprehensive AVO classification
Roger A. Young and Robert D. LoPiccolo, eSeis, Inc.

Pore Pressure Prediction Solves Jimba Problems
Rhonda Duey, Exploration Editor
Hart’s E&P Magazine

Shallow Water Flow Assessment from an Inverted Seismic Cube
Peter Trabant, Consultant Oceanographer and Taylor Lepley, eSeis, Inc.
2003 OTC

Maybe It’s In the ‘Process’ Teams Need To Be on Same Page
Louise S. Durham, EXPLORER Correspondent

Seismic Petrophysics: A Technology to Extract Lithology, Porosity and Hydrocarbon Content from Conventional Seismic Data
Roger A. Young, eSeis, Inc.

Non-Viewable White Papers

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Seismic Petrophysics, CSEG course.
By R. Young, 1999

Reinterpretation of Seismic and Well Log Data to Explore for Potential By Passed Economic
ReservoirApplication Bulletin 10.00.
By C. Scott Jamieson, 1999

Seismic Petrophysics: A Rock-Based Platform for GeoScience Integration.
By R. Young, 1998

A Method for Pre-Stack Petrophysical Inversion from Seismic Data.
By R. Wallace and R. Young, 1997

An Integrated Seismic AVO Case Study of the Second White Specs Shale at Willesden Green, Alberta.
By W. S. Jamieson and G. Pye, 1994

Optimizing Horizontal Well Location: Indirect Porosity Detection Via 3D Inversion.
By R. Wallace and D. Hampson, 1994


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